EURO OVERSTOCK is the surplus stock solution for A-brand manufacturers. In its present form, the company enjoys experience from 2008 in the business of selling surplus stock in the BENELUX countries for major customers such as Unilever and Hero. The surplus stock is then sold on to over 500 end customers in the BENELUX.

We are known for our customer-focused approach, in other words we don’t offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution. We’re all too aware that each manufacturer is different, so we always work on a model geared to the customer’s individual needs.

Our model is also based on traceability - one of the key factors that makes us stand out from the field. Click here to find out more about our approach.

To make sure you are offered the best possible service, we only work with specialists.

EURO OVERSTOCK is the largest surplus stock agent in the BENELUX and we’re convinced we’ve got the very solution you need for your surplus stocks.